After in 2017 ( I hope)

If you don’t know me. I am hoping that Anna Todd first book in After series will be coming to the BIG SCREEN next year.

This are edit of who I cast in the movie

Bill Skarsgard as Hardin Scott

Indiana Evans as Tessa Young

Denise Richards as Carol Young

Donna Murphy as Trish Scott

Ioan Gruffudd as Ken Scott

Julian McMahon as Richard Young
I hope to see this movie NEXT YEAR!!!!!!


After Dream casting

Here are more edit I did for the movie After based on Anna Todd series. 

top: Hardin and his mother Trish 

bottom: Tessa and her mom Carol

The lovely couples in After

Hardin and Tessa                               

Steph and Nate

Last as in every great love story is a triangle.

Hardin, Tessa, and Zed

Tessa and Hardin 

With the Year of the After Movie being here. I am posting pictures of my Hessa.  

Check out song All the Way by Derek Anthony Gray on YouTube
Hessa Forever. Anna Todd After!!!!!

After Movie 

I just found out today that the script  of After has been turn in. After is based on the Wattpad Harry Styles fanfic and was turn into a best-seller by Anna Todd. So for that I got some of my pick for some characters.


Bill Skarsgard as Hardin Scott


Indiana Evans as Theresa “Tessa” Young


Avan Jogia as Zed


Drew Van Acker as Landon ( Hardin’s stepbrother)


 Hayley Williams as Steph ( Tessa’s college roommate)


Rachel Korine as Molly ( Hardin’s ex who hates Tessa)

That my choice is far. You can agree and disagree on this  

Need to be Publish

There is a story on Wattpad. It is entitled The Persistence of Memory by Scarlette Drake.

 The plot is about the main character of Eloise Airens-Alford. She seems to have the perfect life. Great job as a writer and a great husband, but she not happy. While attending a art gallery with her husband she meet an artist named Aidan James Foley. They had a connection many years ago and Aidan never forgot about her. Eloise and Aidan starts an affair thinking it will finally make her happy. Each chapter goes back and forth between Eloise pov and Aidan pov. If anybody who love Harry style inspire stories After by Anna Todd you would love Jamie Dornan inspired of the character of Aidan Foley.

It did win Wattys on Wattpad for People’s Choice.

Made by @RequisiteAna (Twitter)

Scarlette Drake @scarlettedrake ( Twitter)

This writer need a book deal.